A Life Summary Up To This Point

Steph FigPope was born and raised in Miami, Florida, hoping and dreaming of one day being able to experience life in sunny California. The path was not as direct as one would expect, but the journey was quite a ride.

After a brief (almost-decade) stint living in New York City and graduating from Columbia University, Steph decided to leave the start-up world and thoughts of graduate school behind and decided to do what she always has been truly interested in - adventure photography. Although her new professional creative life and NYC didn’t mix well, it taught her how to truly soak in and enjoy whatever present moment she is in. Now relocated to the west coast, Steph decided to try San Francisco and the Bay Area for a chance to capture the vibes from yesteryear that she was looking for. After 2 years, she figured out that the culture and ephemeral feeling she was searching was in actuality in Los Angeles, where she has resided happily and creatively ever since.

Her photo philosophy is treating digital like film, and all techniques used are done before the camera shutter click. No photoshop, no digital manipulation. The beginning of her career focused heavily on adventures while camping and hiking, particularly in the American southwest. After a 2 year hiatus, Steph has come back with a spin on her photo style, as well as incorporating more of Life in her shots. She has also recently branched out from adventure photography to overall visual artist, expanded her artistic horizon to incorporate all the creative ideas she’d like to see manifest. Although photography will always be her main visual medium, she has recently been incorporating flow arts and decorative art.

Steph loves to learn and be inspired by fellow creatives, as well as from the journeys we all go through in life. You can find her at Venice Beach, walking along the waves and happy that she’s finally home :)