One Solution to Creative Block - Steph FigPope

Don’t forget why you create!

Create for the sake of creating. Create randomly. Sometimes, you don’t need a goal or a specific project to do this. It’s hard to remember, especially when focusing on the little details and busywork that accompanies a lot of creative endeavors. It’s even harder when your job IS being creative, which is hilariously ironic.

The older I get, the harder and harder it gets to really let my mind drift off and get “in the zone”. I go over mental checklists often - be it locations, natural lighting, or being aware of my surroundings. I think of whether or not I’ve taken too few or too many similar shots. It’s both laziness and rigidity on my part.

I used to just dive right into a project, careless and without direction. I’d just think of an overall concept I’d want to do, just half-heartedly attempt it, and be okay with failure. But with age, comes more perfectionism. Fun and spontaneity are tinged with thoughts of being more deliberate for a more “perfect” look. But that’s not fun. That’s not why I create.

How can I get back “in the zone” then?

I guess I needed a reminder of why I create, why I like to pick up a camera and shoot. This blog post is a result of me deciding to kick myself in the ass and do something creative and just release some of this wound up mental tension. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be something you’re happy with.

Be more mindful about being more random. If you notice too much of a routine in your life, if you’re noticing yourself becoming too complacent, if you’ve been in a rut, maybe it’s because you need to dive deep into some creative chaos. Familiarity is overrated, especially in creativity.

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