Easing into Solo Camping - Steph FigPope

I’ve been nervous and excited for the past few weeks, ever since I decided that it was finally time for me to go solo camping. It’s been a roller coaster of emotion - one minute, I’m looking at all the cool spots I want to hit, the next I’m worried about being alone at night.

But now, I’m here.

I’m currently in my tent, bundled up in my solo sleeping bag (I’ve been so spoiled using a queen-size), and I’m finally at the moment I’ve been looking forward to and dreading. It feels a little anti-climatic, to be honest. Not that I haven’t seen some beautiful sights today (I have), and not that I don’t enjoy nature (it’s pretty neat), but it’s just that it ended up being just like any other camping trip I’ve been on - except for the fact that I’m alone (pitching a tent takes twice as long, and doesn’t look quite as nice) . It’s nicer focusing even more on the quiet, or on the noises in and around the campground.

If you’re on the fence about this, I’d highly suggest just taking the leap of faith and going for it. I don’t regret it at all, and I’m already planning future adventures in my head. There is something refreshing about having “me” time while being surrounded by beautiful sights. It’s surprising how much I was smiling, perfectly happy just being by myself.

If you’re interested in solo camping, here are some things I did that really helped me out:

• I chose a type of place I really like (beach campgrounds)

• I stayed within ~1-2 hours of home, just in case I chickened out

• I hiked on popular trails, and turned back earlier than usual

• I brought my favorite snack for after pitching the tent

• I planned out morning activities to look forward to (like a sunrise run)

I’m really glad that I did this, and that I challenged myself to solo camp. This is honestly not something I ever would have imagined myself doing growing up, but I’m so grateful that I did. This isn’t as scary as I imagined in my head; it’s actually kind of peaceful. This is something I will definitely take with me while conquering whatever fear I decide to tackle next. Maybe, I’m braver than I think I am.

Gotta go now, it’s getting cold and the stars await. :)

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